Colour grading is altering a films colour. Colour grading is producing a different ‘feel’ and ‘look’ to something and at the same time it’s a colour correction. Colour correction is generally one of the last steps taken to finish an edit in any post-production workflow. It is an online editing. Sometimes we can put filters... Continue Reading →



Michael Kahn who was born on December 8th 1935 in New York City is an American film editor. His credits range from TV's Hogan's Heroes to feature films directed by George C. Scott (The Savage is Loose) and Steven Spielberg, with whom he has had an extended, notable collaboration for more than thirty years. He... Continue Reading →


As the first big assignment, we had to do for our module was to edit a Conspiracy Theory video from already existing footage from videos from YouTube. One of the first thing I had to think about was the topic. What can I do a conspiracy theory on? It had to be an existing theory.... Continue Reading →


Editing establishes the structure and content of the production along with the production's overall mood, intensity, and tempo. Word Juxtaposition means an act or instance of placing something close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast. JUXTAPOSITION: The arrangement of two or more ideas, characters, actions, settings, phrases, or words side-by-side or... Continue Reading →


Here we are at the end for the 1 semester at University! I can say I have learnt a lot on Post Production module. We did few edits, we did bigger assignment and I can say that this is what I want to do. Beginning was difficult as I had no idea how to edit... Continue Reading →


Pace is something editors feel while editing. ‘Pacing refers to the rate at which cuts occur, as in how often per second or minute or hour. This is not just another way of ‘duration of shots’.’ Everything has a rhythm, pace and timing: ·         Speech ·         Music ·         Film All of them have a natural... Continue Reading →


If thing that distinguishes cinema is EDITING. Editing is cutting a film, but many editors find it as an assembly of film. Beyond basic function of putting the film together, the craftsmanship of editing can be dealt with such subtly that it can be a foundation to the film’s pace and atmosphere. It’s all about... Continue Reading →


Apart from having lectures every week, we have been given an additional time for Premiere Pro Technical Instructions to get to know that editing software. For 3 weeks, we had 2-hour practice with working on Premiere Pro. It was very beneficial for a lot of students as not all of them knew this software before... Continue Reading →

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