On Production Module we teamed up in groups of few people and we shot a short film called ‘Fear Rooms’. Me and Jonty were main editors so after all scenes were shot we started editing.

Firstly, we watched all the footage and select clips we wanted to use. After transporting all files to Premiere Pro we put everything in separate folders and started editing the first scene. We had to look for details as we did cuts to the movement but it wasn’t too difficult. After hours and hours of putting separate scenes together it was time to stitch everything into one piece.

The whole edit was around 7 minutes long and the task requirement was 5 minutes.  It was hard to cut it down as we had to cut out pieces from scenes which still had to make sense. After first cut down the edit was still a minute too long. To make it 5 minutes I was looking for the tiniest bits I could possibly cut out. In in scene the edit doesn’t make sense as she has a piece of paper while walking to the first room (which was used in the cut-out scene which wouldn’t make sense anyway as a mistake made while filming). I also had to make the scenes shorter but cutting the videos and putting voiceover before the actual scene which creates an introduction what is about to happen. Some bits of conversations are also cut. I wish we could just leave the edit with the first draft length but that was the challenge-short film in 5 minutes.

After the edit was finished, colour grading was applied and sound was added by sound guy.

For future reference, I would suggest for the people on set to have bigger attention to details and continuity s it was the biggest problem we found and that made editing difficult.  It was a fun task and I hope we did well.


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