Next assignment on the module involved an edit of still images which showed a history/evolution of something. The edit had to be 2 minutes long.

The topic I chose was a History of Women’s Fashion. It was fairly easy one as there was plenty of images over the internet.

Firstly, I collected images from different decades so I had enough to edit. Next task was to find music. I had to find few songs that would work together and would be a good background to the topic I chose. Then, I mixed the music in Adobe Audition, added some effects and voiceovers to make it even more interesting.

After the music was ready I started editing. At the beginning, it was really hard to think what effects and transitions to use but more I was editing the better ideas I had and we can see that the editing skills evaluate with the progress of the video.

I had to think of different techniques and transitions to make the edit interesting.

The most important was to edit to the beat so changes would go with the music.

Overall I am pleased how the edit turned out and I got a 1st mark for it.



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