For the past few years there was a big growth of activity on YouTube. Video makers called ‘Youtubers’ became a big thing in Social Media. We can notice that they improve their videos all the time. If we could compare any successful Youtubers first videos to the most recent ones we would notice a huge difference. People are taking YouTube seriously and they want to create the best content they can.

There are different types of videos such as beauty videos, gameplays, videoblogs called vlogs, funny videos, sit-down talk videos, travel videos and many more.

For example, sit-down videos are edited and we can notice that. Those videos are usually about one subject or few and they are filmed in one position. People press record on camera and just talk. It’s hard to talk all the time without having breaks or knowing exactly what to say. So what they do is they cut out parts when they stopped or misspelt something or just thought it is not the best what they said so they say it again ad cut out what they don’t like, so in the end we can see jump cuts.

When watching a video with make up or hair tutorial you can notice that after explaining what to do it is usually fast forwarded so they won’t waste time on showing how to do something for 10 minutes.

Travel videos are usually short few minute videos with different shots combined with a music in the background. These shows the highlights of the trip.

Videoblogs called ‘vlogs’ are videos where people show what they do in that day, these are usually the highlights of their day so the shots are not too long and the whole edit is just different footage put together.


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