As the first big assignment, we had to do for our module was to edit a Conspiracy Theory video from already existing footage from videos from YouTube.

One of the first thing I had to think about was the topic. What can I do a conspiracy theory on? It had to be an existing theory. The one I chose was to Moon landing Theory. MY point of view was that is has never happened.

I thought it was hard to make an edit from existing videos because I couldn’t just copy what is already made. I had to take footage from different videos but at the same time it had to make sense together.

I was also gathering information about the Moon Landing as well as pictures and voiceovers. Then I had to plan and structure everything what I wanted to edit. After all the planning and collecting videos, images, voiceovers and music I started to edit.

I was choosing the most Interesting footage I could get and putting it all together into the timeline. I had to be careful with the amount of information I was using as the edit had to be 4 minutes long.

I was mixing the audio, images and video clips from different videos, adding interview clips and music in the background. I was also using different effects and transitions to make the video more interesting.

After I finished the main edit I was looking how I could improve it and tweak it. I added some effects and funny video at the end which perfectly sums up my edit.

Overall, I would say it was a challenge to do this assignment but I am satisfied with my work. I got a good mark for it.

When I got my feedback, I was told I need to work more on audio so I know for the future reference what to look at.


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