On PRODUCTION module in my course we had to film and edit a trailer for theatre production with Drama students. We have been divided into groups, we got the script and actors to work with. Shooting took few hours as that was the limit we have been given by our lecturers.

Then it came time to edit it. In my group, there were 4 editors and we had to split the job but I ended up editing the whole trailer.

First of all, I looked up on the theatre trailers that has been made professionally before so I could get an idea how to put a trailer for theatre production together. It turned around to be like movie trailers.

Unfortunately, we filmed only few scenes so I was limited with footage I could use so sometimes I had to divide them and put in different time on the timeline. I picked up the best shots and make sub clips from which I would make the scenes. Then I put them all on the timeline and chose one that would be the best for the opening. There wasn’t any particular order otherwise but overall all together made sense.

I used fade in/out effects to open or close the scenes but sometimes I just cut straight into another one. I left few black screens in-between scenes to later on put titles there.

After I got my scenes together I chose the music I wanted to use and other sound effects that would match. I also matched scenes and pace to the music so it all works together.

Next thing I did was to do titles and the Drama Trailer at the end with the name of the performance.

On the last few hours I was changing the detail so the edit would be perfect and not everything went well.

On few scenes, we could see the glitches on the image. They appeared in late process of editing and I couldn’t get rid of them. I replaced the footage from different source but it didn’t help.

I think the reason of it was because I was working on memory stick which was slow and running out of memory. TIP for next time: edit on fast working hard drive and to have the original cop of the footage.


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