Pace is something editors feel while editing.

‘Pacing refers to the rate at which cuts occur, as in how often per second or minute or hour. This is not just another way of ‘duration of shots’.’

Everything has a rhythm, pace and timing:

·         Speech

·         Music

·         Film

All of them have a natural flow.

Music is made up of beats. This can often dictate the pace of the video.

Editing to music is one of the easiest ways to edit – cutting on beats but scene with dialogue requires much more thought when choosing a music.

Things to remember:

  •          Which frame to cut on
  •          Knowing when to hold the shot
  •          Coverage
  •          Editing to motion

Once the turning point is reached in the rough cut and the direction of the film is known, the process shifts. Rather than returning to the initial rushes work becomes more focus on editing within the rough cut.

The focus is to establish the rhythm of the film and paying progressive attention to the fine details.

At that stage, it is easy to get caught up in small sections of the film and loose the sense of the whole framework. Walter Murch give and needlework analogy, as if the film is a huge tapestry and making tiny stitches in one place distort to whole thing.


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