Apart from having lectures every week, we have been given an additional time for Premiere Pro Technical Instructions to get to know that editing software. For 3 weeks, we had 2-hour practice with working on Premiere Pro. It was very beneficial for a lot of students as not all of them knew this software before including me and it was crucial that we know it as editors.

It was a basic introduction how to work with this programme. We have been given a lot of information for example how to save the footage in folders, how to name them and how to create folders within the Premiere Pro project.

Premiere Pro has a lot of tools that allows to work quickly on a project. For example, creating NESTS (connecting clips in on long clip) or MARKERS which help when few people are editing/working on the same edit (one person can leave a comment for example instructions what to do, in the point on the timeline/on the sequence when they want changes to be made).

Those Technical Instructions on Premiere Pro gave me a lot of knowledge of using this programme. It is the only software we are using at the moment to edit and I can tell, that now I have gained a lot more knowledge that allow me my edit to be better, but without those basic lessons I wouldn’t go far alone.


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