Recently I have seen movie “Something borrowed” which was quite interesting as I was watching it is an editor. I was focused on editing side of the film and decided to talk about it.

Like in every movie, if any person is speaking the camera is focused on that person but something if it is a conversation between 2 people and one person is still talking the shot can be on the other one to show the reaction or emotions. When the scene is about showing emotions, the camera is focused on that person face as it gives all the emotions to the person watching the film.

If there are few characters in a scene there usually would be medium shot.

Always cut to action. Cut when something is finished or about to finished. For example, there was a scene at the beginning where there are 2 characters at the party and then the next scene is when they are leaving the party – in this case it doesn’t matter what happened at the party but the fact that they both have been there.

As one of the losing scene shots there was used a taxi driving away and the background was blurry to fade out to another scene.

To show a retrospection the fade in/out effect was used instead of cutting the scenes. For example, the main character looked at the book on the shelf and then the screen fade out to when she was writing it and then fade in back to the scene.

To show that there is different day and location there was a straight cut to buildings outside so we can see it is different place and then cut straight to the wedding dresses shop.

Another fade out was used when she was thinking about guys she liked to show their past.

Zooming out to the face to close intense emotions.

Introducing shot to new scene – big background shot/scene for example buildings/park – it doesn’t have to specifically connect to the scene but to the surroundings where the scene will be.

One of the main plots in that movie was 2 people getting together after they have been friends for many years. Their kiss was a big deal so when it came to that a medium and then wide shot was used and the background was blurred out to focus on their kiss.

When one of the scenes was about to finish, we could hear the party music which was introducing us to another scene which was a party.

In one of the scene a character says an impotent quote while conversation and there wasn’t over the shoulder shot used but just a medium shot focuses on the person even though earlier in the conversation over the shoulder shot was used. It because to show the importance of that person and was she was saying.

It was hard to notice all those little transitions used in the film and of course I didn’t talk about all the cuts in the film as it would take long.

It was an interesting experience and now every movie I am watching I focus on editing side.


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