The next scene we had to edit was outdoors this time. It was again, a conversation between two characters.

One of the major difficulties I found while editing was background noise. The scene is on the beach nest to the sea so naturally we can hear the sea and waves. But also, it was hard to match the audio between the clips. Microphones were put in different places depending on the character which was speaking and it was also hard to match the audio levels. The background sea sound wouldn’t match. Sometimes it was hard to hear one of the character- the lady- a she was speaking quiet and the background sound was loud but at the same time the other character- the man- was speaking loud.

Another issue I found was, that in the script the lady looks at two people in the far but it was hard to find the right clip to match when she is looking at them. Once they are walking on their left side, in the clip when she is looking we can clearly see she is looking on her right side or centre and those two people are on an opposite side or far away.

Edit was 2:37 minutes long.

Here is the edit:


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