Another editing task! This time we have been given a script to a film and some footage. We had to edit 2 scenes. In this post, I will talk about the first one we did.

The first scene was indoor. The main point in that scene is a conversation between two people but there is also another character in the background that we had to show is there.

The first step was to read the script and watch the footage we have been given. Then we had to edit the scene in a way it will match the script. It was hard to edit perfectly how it is in the script because some of the footage didn’t match characters’ gestures or movement. Sometimes I had to take the image from one clip and match it with the audio from different clip to match it. It was also hard to edit because in some of the clips we could see filming crew mistakes such as microphone reflection in the mirror. I didn’t like some of the shots framing but as an editor I couldn’t so anything because I have to edit what I have been given. In my honest opinion the edit would be better if some of the shot s would be framed better.

The whole scene took hours to edit and the final piece is 2:46 minutes long.

Here is my edit:


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