One of the most important things when making a production is to storage and backing up data in safe and reliable way.

Storage workflow is a system of file storage. With every filming there is a lot of files to save. This could be problematic if we have a lot of footage and no space to save it or storage devices are working slowly. That is why we need to organise how we store files.

We must remember to always have enough space on our devices to store files. If we are getting more and more media and video projects we need to have enough space. Video files consume loads of storage capacity. Also, we should remember to storage files which are going to be use together in one place. If we have a lot of files and projects and they are saved in different places it will be hard to find them and use. For example: videos that will be used for music video should be all saved in place and named.

Another important thing is to label/name all the devices such as SD cards/ hard drives/ pendrives/ folders. This will help with finding the right video file to use.

Also, we should always backup data in more than one place. For example, first backup should be on site on laptop or computer. There should be one person on set to backup all the files while filming. This gives two copies as backup- one on the card and on laptop. The more backups the better!!

After finished filming, it is crucial to backup all footage onto main computer system edit suite. There should be copy made to the computer and external drive. It is important because in case of deleting files there are other copies than can be used.

NEVER EDIT STRAIGHT OFF THE MEMORY CARD! Always use copy saved on the computer. Change files names and then edit. That could corrupt editing when unplugging the card from laptop.

WE SHOULD ALWAYS BUY THE FASTEST AND BIGGEST CARD WE CAN FIND. This will help with storage of siles in one place as well as coping files to other devices will be quick.

For example, coping footage from 32GB card with 15MB/sec speed would take 30 minutes, copying at 60MB/sec speed with USB3 or Thunderbolt would take 6 minutes and copying at 90MB/sec EXTREME Cards speed would only take 4 minutes.


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