‘The Cutting edge: The Magic of Movie Editing’ is the best film that aspiring film editor can watch. In that film, there are shown examples of editing whilst editors of that movie talk about it. 

Some of the editor that appear are:

·         Walter Murch

·         Zach Staenberg

·         Verna Fields

·         Antony Gibbs

·         Mark Goldblatt

·         Sally Menke and many more


Editors and Directors talk about the importance of editing in movies. They said that ‘what makes the movies is an edit’ which I completely agree to because filmed movie is not a movie yet, it is just the footage, but an editor put the whole movie into life.

When first films were made, they were no editor to edit it. Movie was going on until people were bored or the film finished.

Editing is very important as it creates the story and emotional impact. It allows film to set off. It can slow down or sped up time.

When filming, there is about 200 hours of footage, which is equal to length of the distance between Los Angeles and Vegas. Movies length are about 2 hours to it is an extremely hard job for the editor to choose the write shots and put them together into scenes.

In the past ‘invisible cuts’ were used which created smooth flowing movement but at the same time that made Editors to be invisible and unappreciated.

Editors work close with Directors. In fact, they are the only person who spend the most of the time alone with the Director. Director has an idea of the movie as he directs it, so he works with Editor to bring that story into life and to make sense and to create the right mood.

Editing was considered the women job as it was precise as knitting. With time, more and more editors were men. Nowadays it is a mix of both genders.

I watched this documentary twice and I am sure I will watch it many more times. It gives all the important advices from the best editors, so every editor, or even editor amateur should watch this film and apply those techniques to their won edits.

Link to the movie:






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