Editing is the art, technique, and practice of assembling shots into a coherent sequence.

Walter Murch described editing as a film construction that identifies and exploits underlying patterns of sound and image that are not obvious on the surface. He also said that putting a film together is like the orchestrating of all those patterns just like different musical themes are orchestrated in a symphony.

Editing is an art of craft.  There are 2 types of editing: online and offline. Offline editing is editing images into a film and online editing are changes made to final timeline such as effects/grading and mastering.

Every aspiring editor should think like a high-end editor, not a button pusher. Editing is a creative process. It requires technical knowledge but this is not a skill and does need practice. It will come with doing a lot of edits.

The minimum to be and editor:

  •          Ability to watch everything again and again
  •          Precision
  •          Client-director-boss corporate


What client needs is speed. This doesn’t mean the speed on keyboard but to see and edit quickly.  Top editors are not quick on the keyboard but can see an edit in their head. This will give them speed.

Professional editor’s responsibility:

  •          Create the best film possible from footage given
  •          Act as a creative filter
  •          Be positive, nice person
  •          Be on time with deadlines

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