First edit


As one of the first tasks we have been given in our module was to make a 15 seconds edit from the shots our Tutor prepared for us. Those shots were taken by Windsurfer with Go Pro. It was a really interesting task but at the beginning I didn’t really know what to do and where to start.

Music was really important. It was the first thing I did before I even started editing. I picked the music as it makes editing easier because I did cuts on the beats in the song.

After few minutes of trying I cut the shots and put them on the timeline but it wasn’t anything really interesting at that point. It was a simple edit. All the fun Begin when we were told to do 30 seconds edit from it but it has to be interesting. I started playing with slow motion and reverse as well as other tools.

Our Tutor showed us how we should cut the footage (you should always cut to motions/actions) so I played around with it to make the transitions smooth.

After I finished I was really pleased with how it turned out and I was impressed with myself as it was actually the first edit like that I have ever made!

I’m looking forward to do more edits as I really enjoy doing it.

Here is my edit:


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