That is it! The end of the year has come. I have to say, Post Production module was one of my favourite modules as it was practical. A lot of edits had been done and I learnt a lot. We were taught the basic theoretical skills and then we could use that in practical tasks.... Continue Reading →



On Production Module we teamed up in groups of few people and we shot a short film called ‘Fear Rooms’. Me and Jonty were main editors so after all scenes were shot we started editing. Firstly, we watched all the footage and select clips we wanted to use. After transporting all files to Premiere Pro... Continue Reading →


Thelma Colbert Schoonmaker was born on January 3rd 1940. She is an Algerian-born American film editor who has worked with director Martin Scorsese for over forty years. She has edited all of his films since Raging Bull (1980), first working with Scorsese on his debut feature film Who's That Knocking at My Door (1967). Schoonmaker... Continue Reading →


Next assignment on the module involved an edit of still images which showed a history/evolution of something. The edit had to be 2 minutes long. The topic I chose was a History of Women’s Fashion. It was fairly easy one as there was plenty of images over the internet. Firstly, I collected images from different... Continue Reading →


Movies are massive productions, bigger the movie, bigger the mistakes they make. Sometimes while filming a scene the crew is visible on the shot or other filming equipment. This shouldn’t happen but it happens, quite often. IT might be an editor mistake or the mistake appear on the best shot and editor ha to use... Continue Reading →


For the past few years there was a big growth of activity on YouTube. Video makers called ‘Youtubers’ became a big thing in Social Media. We can notice that they improve their videos all the time. If we could compare any successful Youtubers first videos to the most recent ones we would notice a huge... Continue Reading →


Music is very important when editing. It helps to understand to mood of the film, gives the pace and helps to tell a story. In movies music helps with the storyline. For example, when there is a car chase a building up fast music will be used to build up the tension. Music also helps... Continue Reading →


 Walter Murch in his book ‘In the blink of an eye’ mentions our his ‘Rule of Six’. These are criteria for what makes a good cut. 1)      Emotion                                                                             51% 2)      Story                                                                                  23% 3)      Rhythm                                                                             10% 4)      Eye-trace                                                                            7% 5)      Two-dimensional plane of screen                                 5% 6)      Three-dimensional space of action                               4%   Emotion is... Continue Reading →


As a little practise we had to film and edit a chasing scene. In chasing scenes it is important to keep the pace fast, with fast music to keep the viewer interested and excited. Editing that scene wasn’t difficult but I had to keep an eye on details and movement. I found a past paced... Continue Reading →

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